Managing Director, Creative Chaos Inc., N.Y.C. Feb. '15 to Mar. '17 (Contract)

Founded by Jenny Friedberg in the ’96 CREATIVE CHAOS has been providing production, casting as well as creative services to brands stateside and across the globe for over 2 decades. In this capacity it has serviced a clientele of world renowned brands and Ad agencies and enjoyed a number of longterm ongoing partnerships with companies like MAX MARA and H&M lasting 15 years or more. 

This was an 18 month Project, the main aim being an operational and organisational refresh and help generate new business

Selected Contributions: 

  • Boosted annual gross revenue by 25 percent
  • Orchestrated the review, update and implementation of Brand Identity, including Marketing and promotional strategy
  • Administered development of new services and corresponding revenue streams.
  • Restructured Production & Job management workflow and Accounting integration
  • Hired senior accounting staff
  • Supervised a team of 8